Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ice staking for the first time. We should do that again it was way fun!
I am so happy my kids love each other.
Their is nothing better in the world than that face. He lights up my world!
What lucky kids to have come to the best grandma in all the world or eternity.
I remember posting something about Madisen falling asleep in strange places. Here she is sleeping across the barstools in the kitchen.
He is such a goofball! Last summer the kids came down stairs and had switched clothes. It was hilarious!
We love to visit Aunt Erin she has the best park right near her house that we went to two years ago when we visited. My kids still talk about it.
Who is that fatty on the right? Oh wait that is me 40 pounds ago!!!
Justin and Tanner love to go to  baseball games! They are trying to go to every baseball field by the time Tanner turns twelve.

Life has been so normal lately. The kids go to school. Justin goes to work. I go to Jazzercise and run errands. Pretty boring. But I find comfort in boring and routine. I like to have lists and rules and a plan so boring is good. I have posted some of my favorite pictures form over the past few years since blogging in still new for me. Hope you like them even though they are mostly for Erin. We love ya and miss you in our boring everyday life.


The Pea said...

Thank you so much!! I am stealing that one of me and Tanner and the one with LIdz. I miss you guys so much!!

Tara said...

What great pics! I love routine too! We are creatures of habit I guess huh?

The Pea said...

I forgot to say how much I love that having a boring life reminded you of me!! Thanks!!

Trent and Lindz said...

I love that one from the wedding! I never saw that. I'm gonna have to steal that one too! :)