Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I don't typically have an addictive personality accept for a few things in life. Rice crispy treats, my kids laughing, and GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR. I thought I had it bad for just Guitar Hero when I got it last year for Christmas. Apparently that was nothing compared to the obsession I have with getting it right on the drums. I play while my kids are at school and I play while they are sleeping and I play when they are home and we can all play together. It is crazy. Tanner of course picked it up without any trouble just picked up the sticks and after about 45 minutes he was playing through song after song. Madisen has sung Eye of the Tiger so many times in the last week she knows all the words which his totally adorable. But the great thing is that we can play all four of us together. And we all like doing it. Anyway two days ago we woke up to Tanner downstairs playing the drums and when I came down to check on him he informed we that the orange pad is not working . I just hope I don't have to fight with Target to exchange it since I already threw away the box. And heaven knows it may get ugly.
Above are pictures of my baby brother and his wife playing with us on Friday after they picked up the kids from school with me. 


The Pea said...

I so want to see you rockin out all on your own!

Jenessa said...

I am the only one who knows how to use the camera.