Friday, January 2, 2009

Take two

I tired this last week and It didn't work. SO hopefully I have worked out the kinks and it will be good. Below you will find a link to my website where I have posted all the pictures from the snow and Christmas Eve and Christmas day on it since there were so many. Christmas was great. The kids got up super early and came down the stairs where Grandma and Grandpa Demille where waiting with fall the presents that we bought and that Santa delivered.  Santa did not disappoint! Madisen got a Nintendo DS and Tanner got a kick n go scooter which they love. Madisen literally loved hers in one of the pictures. Tanner  also got a guitar and will start lessons in the next few weeks. I will probably take them too. Madisen got her cupcake maker and jungle in my pocket. We bought a fooseball table for the toy room which is so fun but it also sucks because who wants to lose to a seven year old all the time and then listen to him heckle you for the rest of the day. But it's bonding right? The kids have been riding their new bike and scooter while I run around our neighborhood. This way we all get fresh air and exercise. If I could only get Madisen to peddle faster. I seriously cannot run any SLOWER. 


The Pea said...

thank you it worked. I just spent an hour missing you guys!! I will see you soon! YEAH!!

weavers said...

I'm Blogging!!! Check it out!