Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Getting back into our routine after track break usually takes us a few days of running around crazy in the morning to get out the door on time. Last Tuesday was one such day. I felt like I needed to get a load of laundry started before we left for school so I loaded up my arms with all the dirty clothes, my cell phone tucked under my arm and socks on my feet. Down the stairs I went and as I got four steps from the bottom all went to !@%&. It was just like a scene out of a movie I'm sure where the actor slips all contents in their hands go flying through the air and the actor is left in a heap at the bottom. of the stairs. I'm made a lot of noise and not second had gone by before both my kids were running down the stairs themselves to see what had happened. I was crying despite trying my very hardest not to and there is my sweet Tanner looking down at me with as much concern as he has in his entire body and he said, "Should I call 911?" I said I was fine and just needed a minute while thinking oh goodness no please don't call 911 I would rather die!
I thought for sure I had at the very least broken my arm but after a few x-rays on Friday morning I found out it is just every bruised and swollen!!! Thank heavens I didn't pass out and wake to find the fire department in my home!
I took these a week after so my arm looks much better than it did a few days ago

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S'mee said...

Oh Sweet Mercy! I hope you feel better soon. SO you don't feel alone I offer the following:
A few years back I was at the county courthouse and fell down the entire flight of stairs. I was the last person at the top as court let out, my shoe got stuck on one of those "don't slip down the stairs, use this sticky sandpaper tape!" strip that had peeled up. I went rolling upside down as people jumped out of my way and finally landed at the bottom of the marble stairs into the landing... my red dress over my head. Everyone was deadly quiet until I gingerly peeled my skirt down where it needed to be and said "I fell down, and I can't get up." in a whimpering tone. A kind gentle man plucked my shoe from the precipice and jogged down the stairs like the most unlucky Prince Charming ever. He slipped the shoe on my foot and helped me up asking if I was o.k. I replied "No. I think I will die of embarrassment. Thank you." My nylons were shot, and yes, the next day I looked like someone threw me down a staircase!

Moral of the story: IN a few years you'll have a great story to share.

Seriously, feel better and take it easy.