Friday, March 26, 2010

A few weeks ago I posted about all my mom's grandkids. Tonight i was editing some of those pictures and came across this one and thought I would share my thoughts about these special people in my life. I'll start with Cristen. Growing up with Cristen was difficult at times but she was always good for a laugh. We shared a room most of our childhood and that I think was the start of many fights. She was messier than me and I was a control freak. But she was always the first to my side when i would cry or just needed backing up. Because we were so close in age as we got older and got into high school is was so great to have my little sister there to eat lunch with and always laugh with. She loves my kids to death and they love her!!! She is the first person I call on a bad day. She listens to me cry, rant and vent about anything and always has great advice even if all she does is burst into laughter. Her laugh is so contagious.

Next is Pollyanna, or as most people know her, Erin. Where to start? Erin was the constant happy in our home. Even now when she comes to visit she is full of joy and excitement over everything. Growing up she decided she was tired of sharing a room so she moved into the closet under the stairs where she slept on the boxes of food storage for a good 6 months or so. I'm not sure why she moved back into her actual room, I guess that is a question for her. She dances with her shopping cart in the store and races with my kids in Target. When I need a creative idea or a poem for primary she whips one or more up and has them in my in box within minutes. She sends random texts that put a smile on my face, even when they are as simple as "any idea how to get outlast lipstick off my kids face? or I love you and thought you needed to know." Most the time those come at just the right moments, like when I'm ranting to Cristen on the phone.

Last but not least is Matthew. The BABY of the family. He was the one when we were all in trouble for something and none of us wanted to cop to it that we would send out to mom to say he did it. Being the baby he hardly got in as much trouble as one of us girls would have. He's been locked outside in his underwear, spent more time in the emergency room with stitches or a broken something than any of us. Matthew is the one we thought we were going to loose when he was so sick and the closest doctor to help him was 8 hours away in Salt Lake City. That was the scariest 48 hours of my life so far!!! Despite being raised by a bunch of girls he has grown into a man who honors his Priesthood and loves his wife. He is a fantastic uncle spending hours playing wii with my kids. I can't talk about Matthew without talking about his wife who I love as if she had grown up my sister! He is a lucky guy to get Lauren in his life and so are we.

Yep, you all should be jealous that these are my siblings and not yours!!!


The1stdaughter said...

Nope, not jealous! I LOVE my siblings to pieces! But I do have to say I have some of the best cousins around! What a wonderful treat for your mom and you guys.

The Pea said...

Thanks for that! It was perfect for me today!!