Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh how I love to SLIDE!!!

Here we are again at the beginning of yet another exciting baseball season! Tanner is playing on the Red Sox team again with Coach Ryan and Coach Matt. He is doing very well so far. He is hitting the ball more accurately and fielding better as well. He would play baseball all year long if he could he loves it that much. I love to see him out on the field in all his gear it is so cute. My favorite thing though has to be when he plays catcher.
Opening night
Tanner hit the ball and made it to second base nearly missing a tag out by sliding. When the next batter was up Tanner got to third paused a second and headed into home which from this picture I clearly wasn't ready for. He slid into home again barely escaping an out!!!

Justin and Matt are good friends. During our first game Justin text Matt to look up at our camera and the next thing I knew he was on the third base line posing as if for a magazine. Those two are so nutty!!!
Red Sox's biggest fan!!!

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