Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A few highlights from the past year.

Swimming with the dolphins in Mexico
Tanner and Madisen playing soccer. I love to watch them play. The pride they take in themselves when they do good at something brings us mothers such joy.

Madisen and Tanner love their Great Grandparents. Madisen was with me while Tanner was camping with Justin when I took this one.
I chose this one because Tanner spent about 30 minutes out in the water helping Madisen to boogie board. He is such a great big brother. 
This is the kids at Grandmas's house on 4th of July. She picked them up and took them to watch the fireworks in Boulder City and then back to her house to light their own. The spent the night and she caught them watching out the window as the last fireworks of the night died down. They fell asleep like this.
Tanner and Justin lighting fireworks in Moapa. Our favorite 4th of July tradition. 
These two of Tanner are so classic him. He is this super skinny but freakishly strong kid. Above he is "posing for the camera" but would never admit that is what he is doing.

Left is the kids on the 4 day Carnival cruise we took in March. It was a spur of the moment trip we booked just a week before boarding. Maybe one of my favorite times this year.

 Madisen falls asleep in he most random positions and places. Below she is sleeping on the hardwood stairs. She had to have been there for at least an hour. And above she is asleep in her bed but at least once a week she falls asleep with her piggy on her face.

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