Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh the weather is outside is... AWESOME!!!

YES!!! Complain and you shall recieve. Well at least this time. S'Mee posted a blog about the snow that was falling at he desert home and I complained that that was all we wanted. One hour later it was snowing. And it didn't stopped for about 12 hours. When we woke up this morning there was 4-5 inches of snow in our backyard and our work phones were ringing off the hook all day.

We had so much snow that we had a snowball fight and built a snowman and had plenty more left over. Two years ago we woke up and had two inches of snow in our backyard. We built a snowman and that little thing used all our snow. 

Here is the snowman that Tanner, Chris and Justin built for all of us to enjoy. I took cover in the garage claiming that my camera couldn't be in the snow which is true but really I was so cold it was nice to take cover for a minute.

Tonight our sunset was beautiful. The blues were so blue and the clouds white and fluffy. These are true to life pictures. The colors were amazing.  

I knew I had cute kids but I think these pictures of my babies are BEAUTIFUL!! The Cullens don't hold a candle to these too snow babies. (That is the our street as there backround)

Tanner started to make a snow angel and Madisen joined him. Yes they are wearing jackests not coats. The coats are in the dryer from earlier. To say were are illequipt for the snow is a huge understatement. My kids had on fleece gloves and fleece pullovers and that was all we had. I had to dig there coats out of the back of the closet just to go outside.

And we thought this was the only snowman we would have this year! When we got home from Target at 2pm this is what had fallen at stuck to the ground. Little did we know that we would have four inches later that night.

This was taken at 8pm after Justin finally made it home. The kids were so excited and had waited all day long for him to help them build a snowman. I told them I would help but they informed me it was a dad thing and when I shared this with Justin he forbid me from building one anyway are he agreed with them. I was so sad he was at work for most of the day.

Well living in the desert and not having snow plows in town can cause wuite a problem on the roadways. So the school district declared for the first time in 29 years a snow day. Well I got a  phone call from Justin that he needed me to help deliver gift baskets to all of our wonderful customers. With the snow our phones were ringing like crazy and leaving the office was not an option. So I called my super awesome babysitter to see if on her snow day off she wanted to babysit my kids. She agreed and like I said she is super awesome. She took the kids out back and played in the snow and helped them build this really cute snowman. And yes it is still super cold and my son is in a sleeveless shirt. Like father like son!! 


The Pea said...

Oh my gosh Thank you for putting this up!! Those pictures of your kids is more than you explained, I LOVE them!!!

Thatcher Family said...

Holy moley! That's so awesome! I heard it snowed there but blew it off, like, "I'm sure it didn't stick". I was WRONG! That's so crazy. People down here think our turn is next. We'll see. So much for global warming!