Monday, December 22, 2008

Well Disneyland usually puts me in the holiday spirit. Not this year. We first told our kids that they had to earn it with things like good days at school, making your bed without being old, playing nice together ect. Well to say they didn't earn it is an understatement. Tanner had yellow lights at school 5 our of 7 days prior to leaving, he was teasing Madisen every chance he got and Madisen didn't even come close to keeping her room or the toy room cleaned. BUT Justin is a big huge softy. We took them to school on Wednesday morning and they thought that was it we really weren't going. We picked them up at 12 and headed out to California the long way through Searchlight because they were doing some demolition at state line and it was closed. Mistake number one was going and number two was going through Searchlight which added an extra 90 minutes to our trek there. We got up the next morning and although the weather in Cali was awesome the weather back home was super cold. Justin was on the phone all day long. When we leave our business travels with us in the form of a cell phone which is forwarded from the office to Justin and a laptop which gives us access to the computer in the office. Mistake three leaving when we were headed into the coldest days of the season this year. Justin was on the phone for the whole 7 hours we stayed at the park. We left to get lunch when Madisen, who refused a churro and popcorn earlier in the day tells me her tummy hurts and she feels like she is going to barf. To say the least we headed back to the hotel as fast as possible just in case this really was going to happen. While back in the room Madisen is trying to act like everything is fine so we don't go home says she just is tired and wants a stroller. $5 minutes later we finally decided not to head home but to finish out the day by getting a stroller from Target and feeding ti kids so real food. Not ten seconds passed when we stepped off the elevator into the hotel lobby did my sweet angel stop dead in her tracks and barf all over the tile splattering yuckyness in a ten foot radius. Mistake four actually thinking we could finish out the day and head home in the morning. Tanner and I stayed while Madisen and Dad headed home. She barfed twice in the car. Tanner and I had a great time the next day just the two of us and all his cousins at California adventure and came home later that night.  So never again will we go to Disneyland when it is going to get super cold back home which pretty much rules out December.

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The Pea said...

But you sure looked cute!?!?! Does that count?