Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The kids got juniors golf set from Justin for Christmas and they were so excited. It was too cold to go golfing for a few days after Christmas but as  soon as we could stand to be outside for longer than 10 minutes we headed over to the Black Mountain Golf Course for their first lesson. They looked so cute walking with their golf bags over their backs and walking hand in hand with Justin. Tanner was so determined to get it right. He lined up his club, checked his stance before every swing. Madisen was a wild child. Stand back when she is taking a swing. Both did very well and enjoyed it. At least until our hands went numb and we headed to the car while Justin finished hitting the balls.

Madisen and Justin are hilarious. They are exactly the same. The way they stand, hold the club and look for how far the ball went. My two peas in a pod!


Mandi said...

That is very cute, not they can go out with daddy and play.. Love it!! :)

shinbou said...

Way cuter than I ever thought. Those golf clubs are to cute with the back pack feature. Love it all.

The Pea said...

So fun!! Now they can be just like Dad!!

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