Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Me, Madisen and Tanner
Justin and the kids next to the power sports display.
The kids all watching the train. Even the little one got 
dumped in the picture in the left hand corner

Our Family at Opportunity Village

Every year since Tanner was just 9 months old we have gone to Opportunity Village with our friends David and Heather and Steve and Brenda. That first year it was just the 7 of us but as time passes families grow and this year there were 16 of us. This long standing tradition which will probably continue until our kids are old enough to really put up a fight is just a way for us to get together have dinner and visit. This year we went to Chili's for dinner where of course my kids ate ribs. It rained all the way over to the restaurant but stopped while we were eating making it possible for us to go and see the trees and ride the train. Above are a few pictures. Merry Christmas!!!


The Pea said...

You know I never did that the whole time I lived there!! What is that about?? It seems like so much fun

Jenessa said...

It is just a bunch of trees that companies around town decorate kind of like a donations. They also have a big slide, ghetto Santa, a train, and carosel. Just a way to donate to charity.

Mandi said...

Love the idea. I think i am going to tell my sister to take her kids down there. I have always wanted to go, but don't have kids yet, so there was no point in going. I'm going to try and get my husband to go.. :) glad you have this tradition.