Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The first couple of days in PARADISE!

First day in Hawaii after a long day on an airplane. We were so excited to be near the beach and eat some good food. Next we headed to the pool to let the kids wear themselves out so they would go to sleep in a couple of hours!! Long day of traveling wore me out but as you can clearly see I wasn't super happy to have landed in paradise!!!

I know it's been a week since we got home and I am just getting around to telling you about our Hawaiian getaway!!! That is because I still want to be there. If my kids weren't already missing school the entire week we were gone I would have begged and pleaded and made all kinds of promises I didn't intend to keep to Justin to stay longer. We had the best time ever. The condo we stayed in, just to start, was super nice. It had stainless steal appliances, top of line washer and dryer, two ginormous bath tubs, three showers, two bedrooms, granite counter tops. It was nice. I could seriously live there the entire summer. The pool was way nice two, with two slides a kids wading pool, a "lazy river" type round about with a couple of "caves" the kids loved to hide in and three spa's.

The kids at Santa Monica Pier on Father's Day and just a few hours from flying to Hawaii!

Justin and the kids at the bar at our condo. They had the best kalua pork nachos!

The kids in the back of the Mustang Justin rented. Not very practical with all the luggage that we had but fun!!!

This is us at the first beach that we found and loved!! The kids snorkeled and played in the sand for a couple of hours before heading out to Poipu.

This our first full day on the island of Kauai. We got up and dressed for the beach, which is pretty much how we started every day. The kids got lathered in sunscreen and we were off in our Mustang Convertible to find the perfect spot to play for the day. We found a beach which was rocked off so that the kids could play in the ocean and not get knocked over by the waves. They really wanted to snorkel and this was perfect. They could touch almost the whole way out to the rock wall and there were plenty of fish to see and on the third day there was a sea turtle that must have been dumped over the wall during high tide. We stayed there for a couple of hours got some lunch and then headed out to Poipu, on the other side of the island to play with the other cousins that were there with us. We stayed there for three hours when the waves started tossing Madisen around like an rag doll and she had had enough of the salty water. We loaded our stuff up and went back to the condo to swim in the pool.
Tanner at the beach in Poipu.

That was day one. We have many more adventures to tell you about but they will have to wait until later since it is time for bed and the kids are still playing the drums behind be. When I say the kids I mean Tanner, Madisen and Justin.

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Thatcher family said...

"The Kids"...hilarious... Looks like you all had an awesome time!!