Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More from Hawaii

Tanner while in Poipu found this "Chief's necklace" on the beach. We tied it on for him and made him the boss for the rest of the day. He got to choose where we ate and weather we stayed at the beach or went back to the pool. He loved it.
My skinny kid! You can see his ribs in this picture!
Jenessa, Madisen, Justin and Tanner in the pool at our condo Kauai!!
Tanner and Madisen in the ocean. Thanks heavens someone was thinking and brought lots of floaties so that my kids didn't drown. The current was so strong and after a few hours Madisen was being flipped and tossed around even in the floatie. That was when we were able to plead our case to Chief Tanner and beg to go back to the pool. Madisen said to him, "my belly is full of the yucky salty water and I am gonna barf on you if I get any more in my mouth."
Sunscreen, sand, the ocean, umbrellas, Red Vines, my kids laughter and Diet Coke what more could anyone need in this life. I know I have said it tons but I love watching them on the beach. So carefree, very few rules, the vast ocean that seems so huge and always makes me think about what is really important in life. High tides, low tides, just like life and all the beauty, wonder and adventure in between!

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The Pea said...

I love your family! I am so glad you had fun!! Keep it coming!