Saturday, July 4, 2009

Little kid bare feet

I love to take pictures that much is already public knowledge. It annoys my husband and after a few shots Tanner has had it as well. Madisen could go all day if I had the time. This past few months, as I have been scanning all our past pictures I have noticed that most of my favorites have one thing in common...bare feet. So here are just a few. 


The Pea said...

Love it!! Can you email that one with you and Michael and the one of Maddy and tanner's switched clothes!

Nicole said...

I think a bachelorette party would be great...but I am going to be out of town. But come hell or highwater, I am going to watch it!!!

Thatcher family said...

I totally agree with the bare feet!! Some of my favs are with bare feet too. I love your new heading picture too, btw.