Thursday, July 16, 2009

it's hot!! Can I go back here?

To the left you will see Mermaid Madisen. She wanted to be something on the beach since a few days before we made Tanner a "girl". We tried to make her a muscle man but she didn't want to kneel down in a hole so we settled on a mermaid. There are no pictures of Tanner because he doesn't think it is fair that he was a girl and Madisen got to be a girly thing.

Below are pictures of Wailua
Trails. We had the luau in the evening so we spent the day sight seeing and playing at he beach. That evening we went to the Grand hyatt for their luau. It was completely lame. I DO NOT recommend it!!

Way too much money for a buffet and lame show. But seeing that that was the only thing we did that we thought was lame it was all good. The picture of Justin and I and of Tanner in his way cute hat were taken at the Grand Hyatt hotel so it was good for a great back round. The show was so lame Tanner feel asleep! Yep there he is sleeping at the table. We left early and from what we hear didn't miss a thing!


The Pea said...

Cake!!!! reunion (thank you) And all of the rest! I just got caught up on our blog! How fun!! And es, your kids are the cutest I have ever seen ......... in the last 45 seconds!

Salena said...

You do have a beautiful family. Tanner is going to be breaking hearts in a few years. :) and Madisen is so pretty. And your a hot momma!
love ya

Thatcher Family said...

I don't blame you..I'd totally want to go back there too. Hey, sent you an email. We're coming to Vegas! Hopefully we can see you guys! :D